July 24-26, 2020

Today’s special moments are tomorrow’s memories - Genie (The Return of Jafar) 

The Cheshire Cat is as mischievous as ever! He has been seen hiding around the campground this weekend and it is up to you to find him. Children, adults… people of all ages are welcome to look for him on Saturday and Sunday. If you find a Cheshire Cat, bring it to the office to get a special prize. (One per person)

Don’t just fly, soar into these magical activities for the whole family that include WHICH DISNEY CHARACTER AM I?, NAME THAT TUNE (DISNEY EDITION), COSTUME KIDS ONLY HOUR, DISNEY SCAVENGER HUNT, AND MAD HATTER TEA PARTY.

On June 25, TBA will be playing in the Hayloft Lounge 7PM-11PM.


Wonderland Weekend Photos

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