We offer a full RV repair service in the campground, including water heaters, furnace, air conditioners, trailer leveling and moving, or whatever else that may come along. Call or stop by the Office to have one of our RV Technicians provide prompt attention to your service call, or email service@loneoakcampsites.com

The RV Service team is available all week and weekend, and can work on your trailer while you camp. Many common RV parts are available in the Chipmunk Market. If we do not have a part in stock, you can leave your trailer with us and most parts come within 2 days. We also will do warranty and insurance work.

Download our RV Service Flier.

Terms of Service

Labor rate $90 per hour

Assistant rate $65 per hour

From arrival time of site to 29 minute mark will charge ½ hour. From 30 minute mark to hour will charge full hour and then ½ hour increments.

Site Setup Services

The RV Service team offers many services that are billed by the hour. We also do warranty and insurance work. Quotes for all potential RV service jobs are available on request. 

  • Trailer moving and setting on site to your preference

  • blocking

  • leveling

  • power, cable, water, and sewer hookup

  • deck building and setting

  • hard awning installation

  • Three season/screen room installation

Preventative Maintenance Services

Propane Service $40+tax

  • Inspect gas tanks are not expired

  • Perform drop test

  • Test regulator

  • Check LP detectors


  • Check gas pressure and adjust if necessary

  • Check battery voltage

  • Confirm LP takes over on A/C outage

  • Inspect door seals

  • Clean drain

  • Check temperatures

  • Clean burner and orifice

  • Clean exhaust vents

  • Check roof vent

Furnace Service $160+tax

  • Check gas pressure; adjust if necessary

  • Inspect seal around camper siding

  • Clean burner tube of debris

  • Adjust igniter as necessary

  • Check voltage

  • Clean module board

  • Check burner flame


  • Seal tech unit pressurizes interior of RV

  • Spray exterior of RV with soapy water

  • Any leaks will appear as bubbles.

  • Tech will mark all leaks with mask tape

  • Based on hourly rate tech will repair leaks with proper parts (caulk, tape) and re-test

  • If customer makes there own repairs a re-test will be 25% off


  • Check gas pressure and adjust if necessary

  • Inspect seal around camper siding

  • Inspect anode rod - $13 for replacement

  • Clean burner and adjust if necessary

  • Check battery voltage

  • Inspect pressure relief

  • Flush tank

  • Inspect gas valve


  • Clean coil

  • Clean or replace filter

  • Check Voltage

  • Clean debris from shroud

Camper Care

Camper Care is a program that Lone Oak offers that is intended to close down your trailer in the fall and to get your trailer ready in the spring, including checking all appliances on initial startup. Camper Care does not include winterizing. You can sign up for both spring & fall camper care packages, or just one.

The Fall Camper Care package includes turning off gas appliances and the gas tank, making sure holding tanks are empty and closed, propping open the refrigerator rolling up the water hose, unplugging the trailer’s power cord, covering the furnace exhaust and intake port, and covering the water heater taking down slide-out jacks, putting in slide-outs if possible upon request. 

The Spring Camper Care package includes setting up slide-outs and jacks, turning on propane and checking for leaks at valve, running furnace and water heater, test 12 volt system for proper voltage, testing propane and electric appliances (including the fridge, A/C, oven, and water heater), flushing antifreeze from water lines, connecting the water hose and checking for leaks, inspect GFCI for proper operation, inspecting for any water damage inside the RV, and reporting damages to the owner.


Winterizing is a necessary process to prepare a trailer for the winter. During the winterizing process all of the water is removed from the trailer and is replaced by air and antifreeze. 

Lone Oak offers winterizing service during the month of October. If you sign up for winterizing by October 15, Lone Oak will guarantee it will be winterized by November 1, and will cover all water system damages. Lone Oak will still take winterizing appointments after November 1, but can no longer be held responsible for water system damages. Stop by the office for more information and to set up an appointment. If you like to do the winterizing yourself, we sell R.V. antifreeze in the Chipmunk Market in September and October.