Lone Oak is a Skyline Park Model dealer, meaning you can buy a new Skyline Park Model through Lone Oak. We will work with you to help you design the trailer of your dreams! 

There are two Skyline Park Model trailers in the campground that you can view: T5 and T6 are two new Skyline Stone Harbor Park Models. You can ask the Office for keys to view the trailers, if the trailer is not being rented that day. 


Lone Oak Is a Dura-Bilt dealer. Dura-bilt makes hard awnings, slide out awnings, and 3 season rooms

We Sell Awnings in projections of 9’ and 11’. This gives a 1 foot overhang on the deck. The awnings come in two different styles: arched aluminum and insulated. While both essentially do the same job, the insulated awnings takes the snow load much better and doesn't require winter bracing. Insulated awning panels are 3 inches thick and 4 feet wide.  They are great for reducing on rain noise and are great for 3 season rooms with a/c. The arched aluminum is 1’ wide panels and are a more cost effective way of having a awning. Arched aluminum awnings do require winter bracing, and, because there not insulated, they do create rain noise.

We have a few ways to mount an awning to the camper. One is using the provided C channel that bots direct to the plate on the camper creating a weather tight seal. This is also the strongest way to install. The alternative is to use the rain gutter on a travel trailer where the fabric awning slides in. This way does not require us to screw into the camper, and leaves the camper much easier for resale.

We also sell slide out covers. Theses are made out of 1’ wide arched aluminum panels and protect a slide out from leaks and damage. A must for all park models, and even installable on travel trailers. They save on what could be a very costly repair in the future.

Lone Oak has 9ft arched aluminum awnings and 11’ insulated awnings in stock.

Three Season & Screen Rooms

Three season and screened rooms are also sold and installed by Lone Oak. Three season rooms are great for cooling in the summer and heating in the shoulder seasons. This gives you more living space in your camper and comes at a affordable price!